5 Important Qualities of Good Cheap Stock Footage

video cameraIn many ways, cheap stock footage is an opportunity for film makers and low-budget creatives. It is affordable and immediately available in the stock media market. While shooting your own video is great, it can be equally as important to make use of stock footage. It helps you save time and money on travels, equipment and talent. If you forget to take a shot on a certain scene or if the weather does not permit you to go on location, you easily purchase and download stock video.c

The Internet is filled with numerous stock media agencies. You can sign up to one or more, as long as they help you find what you are looking for. The most popular video stock sites include iStock and Shutterstock. If you are looking for unique footage with spirit, you can check out Getty Images. Wherever you get your video clips, just make sure that they possess the qualities of a good cheap stock footage which includes:

  • Flexible Content. Generally, cheap stock footage should be highly flexible so you can use it in different ways. Think about the ways you can use it if you buy it to get value for your money.
  • You do not want a footage with an over-exposed subject. Look for a stock video with just the right amount of highlights to focus on a subject.
  • White Balance. The footage should have the proper balance point. It should be neutral and white, so you can color correct in easily and fit it into other videos.
  • Sufficient lighting is important when it comes to choosing good cheap stock footage. It should not have too much noise so you can edit it further.
  • Choose a stock video with the highest quality format and resolution possible. It allows you to use the videos in various ways.

When it comes to cheap stock footage, you will have a lot of choices. There are millions of them offered in various stock media sites. It is important that you find the best fit for your video production. So, keep in mind the above 5 qualities that will help you make an awesome project. Aside from these, you should also consider your creative needs and budget. Stock footage is meant to help you save time and money, and not the other way around. Make sure you get what it promises.

Do not just purchase and download the first cheap stock video you see on your search page results. We recommend you check out other footage, collect them and choose whichever fits your needs best. This way, you will not regret buying a footage you cannot use in the future. What are you waiting for? Visit your favorite stock media site and see if they offer awesome stock footage.

How to Buy (A) Adobe Stock Images on a Tight Budget.

adobe stock review When you’re on a tight budget, you’ll be very careful with where you spend your money. The last thing you want to do is spend your money on anything that will not give you the most value for your marketing dollars.

When you’re in the market for stock images, you have a lot of choices in front of you. However, if you are on a tight budget, then Adobe Stock will be the place you’re going to want to get your images from.

Here’s why.

Take Advantage of 10 Free Photos While You Can

Right now, Adobe has a special going on for new Creative Cloud accounts. Sitting in at a $50 value, they will give you 10 downloads for free. That means you could create your account and have that your first and images credited for free. If you’re on a tight budget, probably means you don’t need a whole lot of images at one time. That makes this offer not only enticing but making it imperative that you take advantage of it.

Get Photoshop for Free.

When you sign up for your Creative Cloud account and add Adobe Stock to it, you’ll notice that they’ll want to charge you $49.99 for it. However, you’ll also see that if you add one of their software titles to your subscription, such as Photoshop, they will want to charge you an additional $20 for it.

That’s not much of a discount, is it?

When you play around with it for just a minute, you’ll notice that Adobe will give you a $20 discount for adding Photoshop (or any one of their software titles) to your Creative Cloud subscription with Adobe Stock.

That means you have two options. You can either pay $49.99 for 10 images per month from Adobe Stock, or you can pay $49.99 for 10 images per month from Adobe Stock and Photoshop on top of that.

The choice is yours. Personally, I would take the free Photoshop.

adobe stock free trial

Use Your Creative Cloud Membership to Your Advantage.

Here’s something that can save you both time and money. When you log in to Photoshop for the first time, play around with it for a little bit. Look for Adobe’s library. You’ll notice that you have access to the entire Adobe Stock library from directly within Photoshop. That means you don’t need to log in to Adobe Stock, download your image, save it to your hard drive, and then import it into Photoshop. Everything is done for you in a very streamlined, unified and intuitive manner. This is how you can use your Creative Cloud account to your advantage to save you both time and money. If you’re on a tight budget, Adobe is the way to go.

6 Tips on Choosing Cheap Stock Photos for your Design

stock photographyCheap stock photography is a powerful tool to evoke emotions. That’s why many creative professionals include them with their designs. Majority of audiences consider cheap stock photos as an important element of design as well. In fact, they play a big role – whether or not they act on it. To make the most of these creative files, here are some tips on choosing stock photos for your projects.

  • Consider quality. Viewers often link the quality of the photos to the quality of the product. This goes without saying that high quality photos impact sales. They turn a decent idea into something greater. So the next time you get cheap stock photos, leave plenty of room in your budget for high quality ones.
  • Know its purpose. Why are you using cheap stock images? You have to know the goals of your project to be able to determine how images will help you achieve those goals. If you want to increase your conversions, use a photo that points to your call to action. While these seem to be simple changes, they can help you achieve your goals.
  • Aim to engage. Your stock photos cheap should pull your audience to your design. If you know your brand well, you should be able to choose engaging stock photos easily. You can also try to learn more about your audience and think about your product on their perspective to choose the right image.
  • Consider your brand. Do your stock images represent your brand? They should be coherent with your brand to represent your company properly. Colors and tones should closely have the overall feel of your brand.
  • Give credit where it is due. Do not just settle for free photos in the internet. While they may not cost you anything at the moment, they eventually will when the photo police are chasing your back. Free photos could lead to financial and legal damages. It is best to purchase stock photos from cheap stock photo sites instead. Remember, photographers work hard to come up with such art, make sure you have the rights to use their photos.
  • Take your time. You may think that cheap stock photos are a last-minute addition to your design, but they are not. You should spend enough time to find the right image. If you do, you will find that the right image will elevate your design to another level.

choose your right stock photos

How about you? How do you choose your photos? We hope that these simple and easy tips will help you choose the right image that will help your project achieve success. Keep in mind that cheap stock photos play a big role in achieving your goals.